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"I see life from behind a lense, I dream life in code"


I feel uncomfortable without my camera by my side, I have a great passion for photography.

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Website Design

In my view, unless you are trying to hide your business away from the world, you need a website. I have been creating dynamic websites for a wide range of clients around the country since 2005. I'm a one man show to my pricing is in a different ballpark compared to other design firms that have all sorts of overheads to cover.

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Photo Retouching & Graphic Design

Back in 1999 I enrolled into a 3D animation course. It was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life. When I started, I only had a basic idea on how to work a computer. Not only did did I learn my way around a PC but some of the most advanced animation programs on the market. As any animation artist will tell you, to create realistic work to use an arsenal of programs so there was born a love for Photoshop & Graphic Design

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