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About Me

I was born in 1974 in what was at the time Salisbury, Rhodesia….but call me a “when-we” and I’ll want to smack you. From the age of seven I was schooled and lived in Johannesburg and I am immensely proud to consider myself a South African.


After matriculating from Fourways High School I flirted around Europe and Western Asia for a while before enrolling at Rhodes University to study pharmacy. The experience and personal growth that Grahamstown awarded me was tremendous but the sciences was a disaster. My advice to young adults would most definitely be to consider what you have learnt from aptitude tests but if it’s not where your heart is either make sure you’ll be making enough dosh to keep yourself happy in a job you might hate. In my case, I have absolutely no regrets about dropping out of the science fraternity and looking to the arts that I had been so well advised to drop during high school.


Starting in 1999 I enrolled into a 3D Animation diploma where I was able for the first time come to realise that the path of maths and science I had chosen at school was not my true love. I left high school with a Matric Exemption in these fields but soon came to realise that it was not my calling to sit in a laboratory where manipulation was the name of the game and not creation. The animation diploma taught me that I can create beautiful imagery using a computer. While I had been advised in school to drop art in place of accounting, as a better career opportunity, this had probably not been a fantastic idea. This line never inspired me.


Looking back on the last 10 years of my life in the design world, inspiration has never stopped. I am never bored with my work and thrive on new challenges and opportunities. I am happy to say that all the work i do is exactly what feels right to me. It is challenging, and always provides me room for growth. It allows me to tap into creative reserves I was so often advised against using as a teenager. If we live in a world that says we have to work for a living, might as well do something you love.